Gogoro will launch an electric bicycle in the US next month

Gogoro is well known for its e-mopeds that are equipped with swappable batteries — at least in its native Taiwan. The company announced today that it’s finally coming to the US, albeit in a different form. Gogoro’s new sub-brand, Eeyo, won’t focus on e-mopeds. Rather, it will integrate the company’s handy battery technology into e-bikes. The announcement was extremely vague — the only information provided by the company is that the brand will launch in the US in May, and then come to Europe and Taiwan in the summer.

There are no photos or mockups of the bikes, but given Gogoro’s track record, they may be sleek — the company’s Viva moped has a retro-futuristic look. They’ll hopefully be affordable, too: The Viva starts at about $1,800. Gogoro’s e-mopeds are popular, in part, due to their swappable batteries and 1,600 swapping stations across Taiwan, but it’s unclear if Eeyo’s bikes will leverage a similar strategy. May is just around the corner, so hopefully Gogoro will share more information in the coming weeks.